testimonial |ˌtestəˈmōnēəl|


a formal statement testifying to someone's character and qualifications.

ORIGIN late Middle English : from Old French testimonial ‘testifying, serving as evidence,’ from late Latin testimonialis, from Latin testimonium (see testimony ).

Kevin C.

In the ever changing world of production. Timely communication and detailed follow through are essential. I also need flexibility and professionalism. Things change, Reel Good is always there to support the team. I treat my crew & vendors like family and that's how I want to be treated. They have supplied me film on 274 different commercials over the last 6 years.

Kelsi M.

Reel Good is every coordinator's dream,
You call up Rog or Scott and they get what you mean.
They are always happy to help you find stock,
Even after hours -- help Ralph, knock knock!
Their return policy is hassle-free,
They take unopened, recans and shorties!
You always get your invoices on time,
So you can wrap up your job, now that's a sweet rhyme!
To sum it all up, we won't make you wait,
They're not just Reel Good, they're actually Reel Great!

Todd D.

Reel Good is far more than a typical vendor I use for all of my filming. It may sound cliche, but in this case is certainly true, they go above and beyond what would be expected of them, repeatedly, to fulfill any need or request I may have, regardless of notice or time restraint. I am proud to consider them a part of my extended family as they treat me as such. When speaking with Ralph, Scott, Roger or Donna, I feel the same warmth I would as if I were calling home. I consider myself extremely blessed to be in a profession which allows me to work with them on a regular basis.

Mercedes A.

I love reel good because they call and check on me even when I'm not working.. Ralph has a great accent so he gives good phone, and Scott always tells me "Dont worry Mercedes WE GOT YOU!!" You guys are not just vendors to me.. but more like FAMILY!!

Jeff B.

Reel Good is the way to go! Ralph, Roger and Scott no better team to get the film you want when you want!

Laura A.

I have been a loyal client of REEL GOOD for more than 5 years. My loyalty stems from their unending efforts to always give their customers the best prices and service. The entire team is effective and helpful. Their inventory and good attitude is inexhaustible and REEL GOOD has made a very important part of any project simple. BRAVO!!

Melissa W.

I use Reel Good for my film stock whenever I can because I trust Ralph, Roger and Scott. These guys consistently give me great prices on my purchases and returns. I always get exactly what I ordered. They are helpful and are always willing to go the extra mile for my projects. Thanks Guys!

Adrianne McC.

Reel Good always comes thru! They are nice, professional and are always ready to help me get what I need. Good peeps, great company. Big fan. Huge.

Joey B.

You take such good care of us, we make sure reel good is one of the first checks cut!